Press Clipping
Why post-pandemic Ubers and Netflixes will be nothing like their predecessors

Jakkii says: First, a heads up. If you’re the type to be easily offended by someone describing the people most often “in charge” as “old white dudes”, then this article is not for you. Otherwise, read on!

This is an opinion piece, relatively short, on disruption following the pandemic, with an interesting take: the author believes the pandemic may just be the catalyst for a creativity movement.

I’m sharing this one this week simply as food for thought. Questions of what will come next when we eventually reach the other side of the pandemic may seem like far-future thinking for those in places where the pandemic is still very much a crisis, but it’s certainly the type of question for which the answers may affect us all. The author concludes:

Simply put, when this worldwide tragedy is finally behind us, we will look back and find that the great business disruption of our time won’t be the Netflix of marketing or the Uber of supply chain management.

The movement that finds a completely new way to empower the culture class of creators, inventors, and founders with a business-building framework that fits the morals of the artist rather than the other way around will be hailed as the great innovator of our time.

That’s certainly something to ponder, isn’t it?