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U.K.-based The Rattle Announces First Grant Recipients For Venture Label Initiative Launch

THE RATTLE has announced the first group of U.K.-based artists and tech innovators to receive venture funding as part of its VENTURE LABEL initiative. The artists and startups focused on music, technology, and entertainment include TOO MANY T'S, OUR MAN IN THE FIELD and FEED.

This VENTURE LABEL initiative challenges the standard music industry model by empowering those regarded as disruptive or innovative, giving them the power to monetize in a way that makes sense. Artists have rapped with AMAZON's smart speaker ALEXA, performed with GRAMMY winners and created technology used by artists to assist in optimizing their social media presence.

THE RATTLE’s VENTURE LABELl program prioritizes original, human creation over “traction'' and “streaming numbers." THE RATTLE is at the intersection of music and tech, combining different art forms, and encouraging collaboration in an interdisciplinary way to support their members’ creative vision, helping them develop their “product” in the presence of their customers.

THE RATTLE CEO CHRIS HOWARD commented, “The reality is, the ‘product’ in the traditional recorded music industry is not the music itself. It’s the right to reproduce or perform music to an audience. That product is rarely wholly owned by the artists themselves. However, in the earlystages of an artist’s growth, their art is often the foundation of their brand. Their brand is therefore the key to forming a relationship with their audience instead of the product their fans buy. So, at the VENTURE LABEL, we explore and experiment with new product concepts that leverage the unique brand each artist, hacker, or inventor has made. This is what makes our method unique. We don’t rely on selling music, in other words.

"In some ways, this is an act of protest, of disruption. We’re seeing what doesn’t work in creating viable careers in the entertainment and technology industries and taking those negative aspects down by making them irrelevant.”