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Feed uses AI for social advertising on small budgets

UK-based startup Feed wants to help marketers on smaller budgets, including music artists and labels, get more out of their Facebook and Instagram advertising. The company says that once connected to these social profiles it “figures out which of your posts get the best response, and leans into those to discover new audiences and grow income”.

It has been in early access mode for a while, but pinged our radar this month when it was announced as one fo the first UK recipients of venture funding from The Rattle, the UK/US workspace that has expanded into funding with a ‘Venture Label’ program.

The Rattle has secured $1.5m from other investors for the scheme, with Feed joining artists Too Many T’s and Our Man in the Field in its first cohort.

“Often you look at someone like Kanye West and think to get to that level you have to be signed to a label,” said Feed co-founder Nick Edwards. “We want to show just how much individuals and small teams can achieve by themselves, when they have the right tools and resources to help them along the way.”